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  1. In order to obtain the most independent opinions, at least two independent reviewers of individual volumes of “Humanities and Social Studies”  from outside the Editorial Board and the Scientific Board of Studies are appointed. A common rule of thumb is also appointing reviewers, who are not employed at the Jan Kochanowski University, where the journal is issued.
  2. In order to obtain reliable reviews, each volume is reviewed by people holding academic  titles of full professors or associate professors, who specialize in the subject undertaken in the volume.
  3. Reviewers are proposed and elected by the Editorial Board, the editor-in-chief or the editor of the volume.
  4. Articles, source texts, reviews, and other materials submitted for publication in the journal  are subjected to a preliminary formal evaluation by the Editorial Board. After receiving a positive opinion the texts are relayed to the Publishing UJK, reviewers and respective language editors and, if necessary, to the editor, or statistical editors of “Humanities and Social Studies.”
  5. The Editorial Board, through its contact with the authors, requires the full and true disclosure of the contribution of individuals in the creation of the text submitted for publication. This is to combat unfair practices such as “ghostwriting” and “guest authorship” (“honorary authorship”). “Ghostwriting” refers to a situation when someone has made a substantial contribution to the publication, without revealing their participation as one of the authors or not mentioning their role in the acknowledgements included  in the publication. “Guest authorship” (“honorary authorship”) occurs, when participation of the author is little or none, and yet it is the author / co-author of the publication.[1]
  6. 6. The review process involves the principle of confidentiality, including a rule according to which authors and reviewers do not know their identity, that is “double-blind review process”
  7. The authors are informed about the result of the review.
  8. The list of reviewers is published in each volume of Humanities and Social Studies and also on its website.


This procedure has been prepared on the basis of the guidelines included in website of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.


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